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Remembering Ronald Coase. You learned not to be surprised by anything he did or did not do. September 03, 2013." Yesterday, I texted a non-economist friend to say how sad I was to learn of the death of Ronald H. The Nature of the Firm 9780195083569 Williams Boeken.
Coase published The" Nature of the Firm, a classic paper that raised fundamental questions about the concept of the firm in economic theory. Coase proposed that the comparative costs of organizing transactions through markets rather than within firms are the primary determinants of the size and scope of firms.
Book Review: The Nature of Value CFA Institute Enterprising Investor.
In The Nature of Value: How to Invest in the Adaptive Economy, Nick Gogerty, the founder of a value research and portfolio allocation consultancy firm, uses evolution as a framework for understanding growth. He explores the concept of value by examining the parallels between economic and ecological systems.
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Similarly, the emergence of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, have forced economists to reassess the nature of money in a globalised world. Trading relationships between countries, and theories to explain them, have also been put under the spotlight as a result of Brexit.
Entrepreneurship and the Nature and Boundaries of the Firm Hans Economics.
In summary, Gavetti and Levinthal emphasize that different individuals have different ideas of how to best combine assets to bring the best products to the market place. They call these ideas and speculations about production in the mind of entrepreneurs mental models. Foss and Klein argue that accounting for the heterogeneity of these mental models gives a solid framework for understanding firm boundaries.
Technology, the Nature of Information, and FinTech Marketplace Lending Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.
This paper discusses how the boundary of the firm in the retail lending market is affected by advances in information technology that have turned what was previously soft information on borrower credit risk into encoded hard data that can be precisely transmitted across firms at a very low cost.
The Nature of the Firm Wikipedia.
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