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Summary Coase 1937 the Nature of the Firm Market Economics Entrepreneurship.
Summary Coase 1937 the Nature of the Firm. Uploaded by Simon Fiala. A one page long summary of the main arguments of Ronald H. Coase's' 1937 article The" Nature of the Firm" Economica, New Series, Volume 4, Issue 16, pp.
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WikiSummary, the Social Science Summary Database. Coase: The nature of the firm. From WikiSummary, the Free Social Science Summary Database. The nature of the firm. Economica 4 November: 386-405. 1 In Brief. 2 Place in the Literature. 3 Main Argument.
Coase: The" Nature of the Firm."
So the scope of the firm is determined at the margin. MC of organizing one more transaction within the firm equals the cost of using alternative institutional arrangements. So, important questions to which Coase's' theory provides a set of answers.:
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This article was famously referred by Yochai Benkler in his article Coase's' Penguin, or, Linux and The Nature of the Firm, 3 where he links Coase's' essay to the emergence of commons-based peer production communities using the Internet. See also edit.
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Coases theory of the firm: a reading list 1 The Nature of the Firm by R H Coase, Economica, 1937 2 The Problem of Social Cost by R H Coase, Journal of Law and Economics, 1960 3 Industrial Organisation: A Proposal for Research by R H Coase, NBER, 1972 4 Production, Information Costs and Economic Organisation by Armen A Alchian and Harold Demsetz, American Economic Review, 1972 5 Transaction-Cost Economics: The Governance of Contractural Relations by Oliver E Williamson, Journal of Law and Economics, 1979 6 The Costs and Benefits of Ownership: A Theory of Vertical and Lateral Integration by Sanford Grossman and Oliver Hart, Journal of Political Economy, 1986 7 Multitask Principal-Agent Analysis: Incentive Contracts, Asset Ownership and Job Design by Bengt Holmstrom and Paul Milgrom, Journal of Law, Economics and Organisation, 1991 8 The Firm as Sub-economy by Bengt Holmstrom, Journal of Law Economics Organisation, 1999 9 The Theory of the the Firm as Governance Structure: From Choice to Contract by Oliver E Williamson, 2002 10 Contracts as Reference Points by Oliver Hart and John Moore, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2008.

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